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Jun 12, 2012 by Pipe Dream
City And State: Manassas, Virginia 


Cheap rent for the area
(You can negotiate a little with management if you are a good resident and pay your rent on time)
The Pool is large
In unit washer and dryer (saves money) VERY Convenient!
Walking distance from Chik Fil-A, Wal Mart (Super), Shoppers and ABC Store
Very spacious so you can go running or walk around the complex.
Apartments are spacious, have a balcony top floor apartments have a cathedral ceiling so it feels more spacious
They are in the process of going to an online rent payment system.
Compared to other places in the area. They only raise your rent 15 dollars after your 1 year lease is up. If you choose not to re-lease or go month to month it's 20 dollars. Other apartment complexes raise by a percentage and several of my friends have been forced to go to a Studio instead of a 1 Bedroom.
On complex trash bins
Water and Trash are included in the price for rent.
Walkable to the VRE Manassas Station in Old Town Manassas
PLENTY of parking, well lit, no numbered spaces, no ridiculous (fairfax county roadblock style speed humps). If you want to have guests over, don't worry about parking.

You are in Manassas, so if you want to go to the City, the drive will be about 40 minutes to the metro. Traffic is always bad on 28.
I had to contact the maintenance people several times for them to fix something. I guess as long as you keep on them, they will fix the problem, but from a business standpoint that is not acceptable.
The interior is kinda old (early 90's) but they are upgrading them. Some apartments have nicer cubboards, etc.
Sometimes the complex can be noisy, but that is pretty rare. Compared to Arlington or DC, it's very quiet.

Manassas is overall a very safe city. I never had any problems or didn't feel safe when I lived here. There were some break ins at the condo area of the complex, but if you lock your doors and keep valuables out of sight, you'll be fine. I had a nice car there, and no problems.

Overall, you just got out of school, trying to save a buck and getting started, this is a place to go. Just pay your rent, don't cause problems and the management will take care of you.

Feb 08, 2012 by greygfhost5160
City And State: Manassas, VA 

I have been in this complex for almost seven years and have absolutely loved my experience. The entire staff, from Manager on down, is extremely helpful. The only negative comment that I have is there are some tenants who like to play in the breezeway and it can be a bit noisy. Other than that, I would recommend this apartment.

Oct 21, 2011 by Anonymous
City And State: Manassas, Virginia 

We enjoy the layout of our apartment. Appliances work well, although are not fancy and new. Insulation is not great - our last apartment was worse. Noise is a problem when the neighbors open and close their door or when they are inconsiderate with volume of the radio, tv or talk too loudly. The previous neighbors were more considerate and noise was not an issue. Traffic is horrible if you need to commute outside of Manassas between 7am and 8pm. The community is nice and neighbors generally friendly.

Battery Heights Apartments , USA 4.5 5.0 13 13 I just love living and every year feels like I just moved there, great space , the two master bedroom are just so nice and convenient. The staff are indeed nice and very profession